Why I Became A Financial Advisor Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By Bob Hanna


Most of us can point to specific people or events that influenced our decisions and made a significant impact on how we live our lives. For me, it was the inspiration and example of a college friend. I had the opportunity to see my former football teammate succeed professionally and financially in the insurance and investment world, and the more I spoke with him about his job, the more I felt that this was the right direction for me. That’s why I initially became a financial advisor…of course, that was just the beginning.

The Beginning

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a degree in business and a secondary degree in education, I had a choice to make. Many of my classmates went on to work for big corporations, but I wanted to be in charge of my success and take control of my own destiny. What followed was years of gaining knowledge and experience, plus some fortuitous events that paved the way to where I am today. 


Remember, the concept of financial planning has not always been as popular or understood as it is now. The first part of my career was focused on investments and insurance, and many of my clients were on the young side, not yet focused on retirement or thinking about their long-term financial future. Then, in the late 1990s, I met Mark Hughes, and this is when the second part of my career started to take shape. At the time, Mark, a longtime Kroger Corporation employee, had someone at my firm prepare a financial plan for him. He was impressed with the plan and felt strongly that other families needed this type of blueprint for their money as well. Mark gave up his guaranteed income with Kroger to pursue a career in financial planning so he could do more of what inspired him. 

The Middle

My friendship with Mark Hughes started at an interesting time in our economy. Around the turn of the millennium, many large corporations were downsizing, often starting with their older employees who were closer to retirement. This prompted many people to start taking too much money out of their nest eggs to supplement their income. At the same time, 2000-2002 saw another bear market and many recent retirees found themselves quickly losing money and needing to return to work. 


Even though my client base was relatively young, I was asked to speak to several of these retirees, who now came into our office fearful of what the future would hold. I found that to many of them, running out of money in retirement was more worrisome than death.  


Mark and I saw a significant need for tailored, comprehensive financial planning and decided to go into business together, founding Retirement Wealth Strategies, LLC in 2003. The rest is history! 

What I Do Today

Now I spend my days helping corporate employees who are nearing retirement not only plan for getting to retirement, but also prepare for the decades that follow. My goal is for my clients to retire and stay retired! I want to equip them with a plan that maximizes their hard-earned money, mitigates risk, and gives them confidence that they’ll have what they need for as many years as they need it. 


As you can imagine, working in the financial world has its challenges. But there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a client breathe a big sigh of relief when they realize that their plan will help them live the life they want. They know that we are on their side and are helping them avoid mistakes so they can experience their ideal retirement. 

Now What? 

Now that you know a bit about me, I want to hear your story. What challenges or opportunities do you face? What worries keep you up at night? I’d love to chat with you and show you how we can help. Check out our sample Retirement Income Game Plan and contact us for a free 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re the right fit to help you secure your retirement.

About Bob

Bob Hanna is co-founder and financial advisor at Retirement Wealth Strategies, LLC, a comprehensive financial services firm dedicated to helping pre-retirees build and preserve their wealth. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Bob is passionate about equipping his clients with a plan that mitigates risk and creates a lifelong income stream. Bob holds a degree in business from Bowling Green State University and a secondary degree in education. Outside of the office, he is an avid cyclist and competes in events all over the country. Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and five children and currently resides in Bexley, OH. To learn more about Bob, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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