Planning Your Future When Leaving Your Job Planning Your Future When Leaving Your Job

You’ve been planning for your future and saving for retirement. Now that you are leaving your job, you’re faced with an important financial decision: What to do with your savings so you can stay on track with your retirement goals.


To help keep your retirement savings growing you can roll the money into an individual retirement account (IRA). Rolling your savings into an IRA offers several tax and other advantages: 

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Tax Considerations

 You may not be ready to decide about your retirement plan savings now.  If you would feel more comfortable waiting or if you think remaining in your plan might be a better alternative, you can usually leave your retirement plan balance where it is.


Moving your money to a new employer’s plan is easy.  If your plan allows it, you can transfer your accounts balance directly from your former employer’s plan to the new one.


You can cash out your retirement account balance but if you do, you would lose about 1/3 of your before tax savings to income taxes and possible penalties.  Weigh this option carefully!

Unsure of what to do??

That’s what we do—Sit down with your and go through your options.

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Bob Hanna

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