Accumulation Phase vs Distribution Phase Accumulation Phase vs Distribution Phase

If you are still working, you are in the accumulation phase of life—hopefully putting money into a retirement plan each month like a 401(k).

When you retire, you switch into the distribution phase of life—you start to withdraw money from your retirement nest egg to supplement your retirement.

When you retire you no longer receive a paycheck but of course you still need money each month plus social security to enjoy retirement.

Retirement Income Planning—what is the goal? —to retire? NO, it is to make sure you retire comfortably and don’t run out of money!

Be very careful, this is a very critical time. When moving from accumulation phase to the distribution phase there will be many obstacles to face.

One of the biggest mistakes retirees make is not having a plan on how to turn on an income from their retirement nest egg.

You can only retire once, leaving no room for mistakes. Our philosophy is that it is not the return on your money but more importantly, the return of your money.

You can’t afford to lose this money nearing or in retirement.

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Bob Hanna

Bob Hanna

Bob feels strongly that you only retire once leaving no room for mistakes. He is dedicated to building and more importantly preserving investors assets. Bob is a Financial Advisor with Cambridge, an independent broker-dealer, honored to be among the most respected firms in the industry.

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